[Review] Perfect Crime – The devil behind the perfect cover

Movie content
Angels Never Cry is probably the more appropriate name for this film, because Touch Cinema judges this is a movie built with a crime factor more than the series. Normal movies are just a little different. But because the publisher has given the film the name Perfect Crime, this review will focus a little more on the crime of the characters in the movie.

Bộ phim chưa có nhiều yếu tố kinh dị như kỳ vọng

The perfect crime is a film about Theresa, she is a talented painter with emotional paintings, but the grim fate has made her eyes no longer see everything around for many years. Although Theresa no longer has the eyes to see the world in the same way as other normal people, Theresa is keen to discover that her “kneeling knee” husband is having a relationship with another woman Extremely clear sign.

The conflict between the couple became more and more culminating, as Theresa’s husband forgot about her art gallery and sarcasm that Theresa painted because of passion and never made any money from selling paintings. Everything made Theresa’s life very uncomfortable, at that moment she met James – a perfect man with a warm heart, good listening ears, love art and more importantly, extended arms for Theresa to rely on.

After rejecting James a few times, Theresa finally fell at the foot of that perfect man. She thought that she had risen, met the light of her life. But Theresa did not know that the person behind the “good” face was a devil with metamorphosis and crimes stretching from year to year.

Up to 70% of the film’s time was directed by the director to describe Theresa’s life, the problems she faced and the reason that pushed Theresa to James. The remaining 30% of the film time revolves around James’s crime, the way he plans to get Theresa for the greatest plan of his life.

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As noted above, Touch Cinema reviews Crime Perfect under the film’s crime name. So overall rating, the crime factor, the horror of the film is not enough to satisfy the audience. If James’s criminal process is mentioned more, especially the fact that his psychology becomes more perverted and distorted, the movie will be much more attractive.

In the end, the film is like many other cinematographic works, bad guys will be punished, and good people will get sweet fruits. So Crime perfectly fits the 16+ label for the audience.


The cast in “ Perfect Crime ” is rated at a fairly average level, the actors’ acting is still a bit awkward, not yet depicting the psychology of the characters, as well as the lines that are still lacking emotions. This makes viewers quite moody when watching the movie.

Sound and image
The image is the most appreciated part of Perfect Crime, the audience will easily be mesmerized by the snow-covered forest in the winter, the green grass in the summer and turn yellow in the summer. to, or a lonely house in the very romantic meadow.

The sound in horror scenes is used quite reasonably, contributing to creating a chilling feeling for the audience when faced with an oddly twisted psychology. In addition, in other situations, it is assessed to be stable.

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